Totally Immersed in Total Immersion Swimming

I have only watched a couple of the videos and started reading Terry Laughlin's book Total Immersion Swimming, but already it makes so much sense to me and I can see the things I am doing in my own swimming that are not efficient.

Today at the pool I focussed on lengthening my body and feeling the harmonic undulation. I know that sounds kooky. But I could feel my swimming becoming smoother and more rhythmic and the concrete results were that it took me fewer strokes to cross the pool. That's pretty immediate results!

The techniques for Total Immersion Swimming are based on the principles of hydrodynamics. So the techniques and drills are designed to help you maximize the hydrodynamic efficiency of your body in the water.

The other thing I love about the Total Immersion Swimming philosophy is the emphasis on visualization. Visualizing yourself as a sleek, streamlined vessel propelling yourself effortlessly through the water. Visualizing yourself being pulled through the water by a string attached to the top of your head.

I used to think the only way to get faster in the water was through grueling workouts. But you can increase your speed and efficiency by working smarter not harder. Seeing yourself swimming more smoothly and efficiently will help you do so.

I'm already convinced that if you even try only a few of these techniques you will improve your sense of comfort in the water and you'll improve your swimming technique and probably your speed too.

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