Total Immersion Swimming

I've been swimming for years and I always thought of myself as a pretty good swimmer, until I came across Total Immersion Swimming. I'm not fast, I don't swim competitively, but I have good form and a pretty efficient stroke.

What I like best about swimming is the feeling of moving through the water, the glide. It feels like the essence of swimming, the essence of being in the water. When swimming is effortless like this it is a transcendent experience. When you use the techniques of Total Immersion Swimming you maximize this feeling of gliding through the water.

Of course it is good exercise too, one of the best things you can do. It works all of the major muscle groups in the body without putting any undue strain on joints or feet, like running does.

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barbara said...

I am a big fan of Total Immersion.. I think its the best swimming video out friend at aquabot introduce me to it but see what works for some people might not work for others.. you should try the TI system and see how it works for you, then you can make your own opinion