Tri Total Immmersion Swimming

I have never competed in a tri-athalon, and can safely say that I never will. But it seems that for lots of tri-athletes the swim is the toughest part of the competition. Which is why Total Immersion Swimming is the perfect solution.

What tri-athlete wouldn't want to finish the swim with improved speed and more energy left over for running or biking or whatever comes next?

By improving your glide through the water and learning to use your body's natural bouyancy to help propel your self forward you can swim faster with less effort; the very definition of increased efficiency.

This is why TI Swimming is so great. It's better swimming for everybody, regardless of what level swimmer they are.

Summer Swimming

This is The Sellwood Pool,
where I spend my summer mornings. It's a community pool in my neighborhood, and it is a treat. During the winter and the tortuously long, cold spring I dream of swimming in this pool.

With a slide and lots of fountains and water features it's a madhouse in the long, hot afternoons of July and August. But in the mornings it is enjoyed by just a few regular laps swimmers and the swim team.

It's only open from mid-June until the end of the Labor Day weekend, but those few months are delicious. And now it's just a fond memory, until next June.